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New Manufacturer's Rep in FloridaShelter Works News

Shelter Works Has a New Manufacturer's Rep in Florida

Shelter Works is pleased to announce the addition of Hudson Pump & Equipment as a manufacturer’s representative to handle field equipment protection needs for all of peninsular Florida for both general industrial in municipal needs for water/waste water, power, mining and general industry needs.

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Headquartered in Lakeland, Florida, and with offices in Jacksonville and Miami, Hudson Pump was founded in 1979 as the second Gould’s Pump distributor in the country and became part of Tencarva Machinery Company in 2001.

John Miller, Director of Sales and Operations at Shelter Works, had this to say: “We are excited to bring Hudson Pump & Equipment on as a part of our manufactures rep group. Their customer focus and strong support of all their customer needs aligns well with our approach to business. They are clearly building long-term, supportive relationships with their customers, rather than just pursuing one-time, transactional encounters.”

This approach becomes evident when you visit their offices, where a sign on the wall says, ‘If you think something is more important than the customer, think again.’ With a training facility right next to their offices that offers free monthly classes and full repair services (for both on site needs in the field as well as at their facilities), it’s easy to see that all 50 employees are focused on providing great ongoing support for their customers.

Mike Bitting, Division Manager for Hudson Pump & Equipment echoed Miller‘s comment about similar philosophies between the two companies, saying, “It’s a great fit for us, as Shelter Works provides a high-quality product that is going to serve our customers well. We’re excited about this opportunity, as adding this product line allows us to expand our already strong offerings with a first rate building and first rate support that our customers have become accustomed to expecting. Shelter Works has taken the time to get their shelters Florida wind-rated, which is not easy which recent storms have proven. That rating meets a tremendous need in our Florida communities, both on the industrial and municipal sides.”

If you think you need a building that’s Florida wind-rated and need strong support for your process protection needs, feel free to give us a call.

Fiberglass Shelter for Satellite Equipment