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Congratulations Izet Brkic


Izet BrkicShelter Works would like to congratulate Izet Brkic for celebrating 20 years of service with the company. Izet is the first Shelter Works employee to achieve this milestone.

Izet is one of the most knowledgeable technicians in the plant, having worked in every area of the production facility. He is currently the Team Lead in Assembly where he is often found at “Izet Island” installing door hardware. Assembly is the final stage of the manufacturing process where the walls are erected and fit together, and the roof is placed. Once the shelter is set up, the doors, vents, and any heavy equipment is added. If the shelter has a tile floor, it is installed as well. Izet has a hand in every aspect of assembly where he is appreciated for his attention to detail and high-quality standards.

Dave Bradford, Plant Manager for Shelter Works described Izet’s achievement as “A milestone of 20yrs is quite an accomplishment in this day and age. Izet is a true asset to our Shelter Works Team. His work ethic, along with his attention to detail, are unparalleled, and very much recognized and appreciated.Izet Brkic work station

Being the most senior employee in our company, I often rely on Izet’s expertise and vast job knowledge, as a source for guidance, on any challenging, or new project issues that may arise. Not only is Izet my go-to guy for Production related issues, but I also often tap the other side of his knowledge and expertise, on facility-related items, such as any plant floor improvement projects that may arise.

Izet is the most ideal employee any manager could hope for, he is always at work, has great attention to detail with a quality and productive mindset. He knows what needs to be accomplished for the day, and he goes out and executes those tasks every day. Izet is not only a great employee, but I am also lucky to consider him a friend.”    

Izet and his wife, Mirsada, immigrated to the United States from Bosnia in the late 1990’s. He spent his first three years in St. Louis working as a machine operator at a plastics company. He left there to come to Shelter Works and has been here since. As the longest-serving employee at Shelter Works Izet has been witness to many changes in the plant and the company. He believes that all the physical changes are for the better noting improvements in the plant, like better ventilation and the hoist lift for the roofs. He also values the friendships he’s made within the company.

In his free time, Izet likes to stay busy. If he’s not working around the house or doing handyman jobs for other people, he likes to watch football (soccer). Izet and Mirsada have a daughter, Amra (22), and a son, Sandi (16). They also share their home with their Maltipoo, Kobe.

Fun facts about Izet: His favorite restaurant is Taste of Bosnia and he recommends that you try their mixed plate if you are ever in St. Louis. If limited to eating one dish for the rest of his life he’s pretty confident he could live off of vegetable soup. If he was given an unlimited travel budget, he would like to spend time in the south Pacific visiting Japan, China, and Australia. Finally, the one thing he’s always wanted to do but hasn’t made the time for is skydiving.

Congratulations Izet!