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Southeast Manufacturer’s Rep for Natural Gas Markets

Shelter Works has signed a new agreement with Bartlett Controls, a manufacturer’s rep firm headquartered in Waxhaw, North Carolina. Bartlett Controls specializes in providing industrial process controls, natural gas measurement, and air pollution control equipment. They have been engineering and designing odorizers, remote terminal units (RTUs), gas chromatographic equipment and other specialty equipment for the natural gas industry for over 20 years. Their sister company, First Cut Design and Fabrication, provides turnkey solutions, such as meter stations, mainline valve sets, pig launchers/receivers, meter sets, farm taps, and regulator stations for natural gas transmission and distribution companies.

Fiberglass Shelter for Satellite Equipment

We talked with Steve Switzer, head of business development at Shelter Works, about this addition to the Shelter Works partnerships. He explained, “We’re excited about the opportunities we see ahead with Bartlett Controls. They’ll be serving several Southeast geographic areas, such as North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, much of Virginia, and eastern Tennessee. We’re excited about Bartlett’s thorough method of serving their customers, and we’re glad to have them on board. It’s critical that whoever represents us understands the importance of delivering the same level of service quality as befits Shelter Works’ premium field equipment shelters. Bartlett Controls’ business philosophy and reputation blends well with our business model, and it should be a great partnership.”

Tommy Bartlett, President of Bartlett Controls, explained why they are excited about this opportunity as well: “We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best options available, no matter what kind of project it is. We had talked to Shelter Works in previous years, but the timing just wasn’t right. When the opportunity came up again, we felt it would be a great way to complete our existing product line, as we definitely see a need in the market for such high-quality shelters as Shelter Works provides.”

If you want to find out more about Bartlett Controls, check out their website at or call Bartlett Controls directly at 704-843-2299.