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New Manufacturers Rep

We are excited to announce that Linc Energy Systems has been added as a new manufacturers rep to cover the gas industry in Colorado and beyond. Shelter Works was looking to expand our sales support in that territory and had previously worked well with the company's principal, Susan Bender when she was at another company. We are happy to have the relationship established once again, and we’re confident that it will be a situation for all involved explained John Miller, Director of Sales Operations.

Linc Energy Systems is a manufacturers’ rep and distributor specializing in measurement and control, damage prevention and offers an extensive line of industrial gas products to the natural gas industry, as well as industrial, commercial and government entities serving the same and related markets. “It’s a good fit on both sides,” explained Susan Bender, President of Linc Energy Systems. She went on to describe their philosophy for choosing which lines to carry: “We’re very careful and selective about the product lines we carry. We get asked to represent new lines all the time, but we only accept the highest quality manufacturers–those whose vision aligns with our own. The partnership will open up new doors for both businesses, as we move forward.”

Certainly Shelter Works structures will protect the standard equipment this company sells. In addition, Bender anticipates there will be a great deal of new equipment to protect, explaining that Colorado’s infrastructure needs to be expanded to accommodate the incredible growth trend the state is currently experiencing. The owners of Linc Energy Systems bought an odorization product line this past summer and is seeing strong demand for the eco-friendly systems.

If you have a need for protection for your natural gas equipment throughout the Rocky Mountain States, call Linc Energy Systems at 303-697-6701 or visit

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