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Water Environment Federation Technical Exhibition & Conference

Shelter Works attended the Water Environment Federation Technical Exhibition & Conference (WEFTEC) show in New Orleans at the beginning of October after conducting a pre-WEFTEC show webinar for reps in the water and waste water industries. John Miller, Director of Sales and Operations, was able to host breakfasts and information sessions with over 20 reps from around the country. He explains, “It was a great opportunity to connect with our representatives from all around the Country at one time, discuss their challenges, and talk about the exciting changes Shelter Works is initiating to provide greater support to them and increased value to their clients. We’re setting the stage for greater interaction and support that will be rolled out over the next few months.” Miller also had the chance to meet with a few potential reps in other areas to expand our service even further.

Fiberglass Shelter for Satellite Equipment

Our Reps reported that our current level of service and support makes us one of the easiest and most responsive manufacturers with whom they work, and all were excited to hear about how Shelter Works will be expanding that level of service and support to increase the value they can bring to the market. They also provided a number of great suggestions that we will be incorporating into our plans going forward. Miller commented, “It was very gratifying to hear that Shelter Works is recognized as one of (if not the) top manufacturer to do business with in its industry, in terms of product quality, support, service and overall ease of doing business.”