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New Partnership with Nelson Technologies

Shelter Works is pleased to announce its new strategic partnership with Nelson Technologies, Inc., a prominent manufacturer's representative specializing in industrial equipment, serving the natural gas and energy-related industries. This partnership will see Nelson Technologies, Inc. representing Shelter Works' premium fiberglass enclosures in Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

Nelson Technologies, Inc. boasts an extensive product portfolio for pressure and flow applications, including control valves, odorization systems, filtration equipment, safety relief valves, and other essential products for the industrial natural gas and energy sectors. With their in-depth knowledge and industry expertise, Nelson Technologies, Inc. is well-positioned to introduce Shelter Works' custom fiberglass shelters to a broader clientele, ensuring they receive the highest quality equipment protection solutions to meet their needs.

This collaboration provides Nelson Technologies' customers with a more extensive selection of specialized solutions for their industrial applications. Shelter Works and Nelson Technologies, Inc. are excited to work together, and the partnership aligns perfectly with their shared commitment to providing top-level products, services, and support to customers in the natural gas and energy sector.

Shelter Works is confident that this partnership will not only enhance the accessibility of its products in the region but also strengthen its presence in the industrial natural gas and energy markets. Nelson Technologies' clients can look forward to benefiting from Shelter Works and Nelson Technologies' combined expertise.

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