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Congratulations Jake Engert

shelter works employee Jake EngertShelter Works would like to congratulate Jake Engert on his 10 years of service with the company and his recent promotion to Shop Supervisor.

Jake is one of 6 current Shelter Works plant employees to achieve the 10-year milestone. He has held many positions within the production plant including Lamination Team Lead where he operated the chopper gun (that distributes the chopped fiberglass and resin) and supervised a team of rollers to ensure the laminate was properly compacted.

Jake continues to use those skills as Shop Supervisor where he is responsible for coordinating the production processes from core to assembly. He manages workflow to ensure production efficiency and quality. According to Jake, “Any small mistake in our work could create bigger issues down the line, so every part must come out right the first time. “

Dave Bradford, Plant Manager, attributes Jake's value as one of Shelter Works’ most relied upon employees to his “…drive and energy, his attention to detail, and his vast operational versatility.

In addition to the quality of our shelters, Jake’s work, and sometimes his feet, can also be seen in many of our quick videos showing spray technique in exterior gel coat and chop (fiberglass and resin).

When asked what he likes most about his job, Jake stated “The people. Everyone knows their job, and everyone cares about the kind of work they are doing. The culture supports quality and a positive atmosphere.”

Before coming to Shelter Works, Jake served four years as a combat engineer in the United States Marines and then three years working for a tree service company.  Jake lives in St. Louis with his wife and three children. Congratulations Jake on ten years of high-quality work and a well-deserved promotion!