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Our Buildings Can Take a Beating

You may have seen the video we did where we bashed the side of a durable equipment shelter (made by Shelter Works) with a bat to prove how durable our buildings are (if you missed that, click here to see the video). We had fun with that, but usually, our buildings don’t purposely get beat up….but sometimes, things happen…

Well, now there’s even more proof that Shelter Works makes a most durable equipment shelter. Last fall, one of our buildings fell off a truck on the highway and still survived

The prefabricated building was a 10’ x 14’ x 8’ equipment shelter.  The shipment started out as many other shipments do, with the equipment shelter being tied down to the 20’ “Hot Shot” trailer via our 6000 pound tie down/lifting rings. The trailer’s hitch mechanism broke, the chains snapped off, and the trailer separated from the truck. The equipment shelter, along with the trailer, after nosediving into the ground, careened off the road and landed on its side in a ditch by the side of the highway.

“The durable equipment shelter sustained minimal damage, which was easily repaired.” Shelter Works’ Director of Sales and Operations John Miller explained, “We repaired the minimal damage, buffed it out, cleaned it up, re-inspected it and had the building back on another delivery truck within a day and a half.”

“Usually we design our structures to withstand Mother Nature’s worst (tornadoes, hurricanes, snow loads and desert heat), but it was great to see how the building held up under such difficult circumstances. Our clients’ needs call for a durable equipment shelter, and Shelter Works delivers.

While we hope accidents like this never happened, we were pleased at how well it performed in this situation.