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Shelter Works Featured as Fiberglass Shelter Manufacturer of the Month

Shelter Works was named “Manufacturer of the Month” by one of our California reps, Charles P Crowley Company. The following article was featured in their Charlie’s Chatter newsletter for February:

You spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on tanks, mixers, pumps and a whole host of other processing equipment, but don’t forget to think about how you’re going to protect that equipment!  Shelter Works will build a fiberglass building or cabinet of   any size, any color, for any application—exactly to your specifications!

Together with the Crowley representative, Shelter Works’ on-staff engineer will work with you to develop a submittal package custom-designed for your project, whether you need one shelter or many buildings for large projects. Shelter Works is a leader in field equipment protection, providing outstanding customer service and high-quality maintenance-free shelters that perform (even in extreme temperatures, hurricane winds, Alaskan snow loads, coastal climates and corrosive environments).  Pound for pound, fiberglass can be designed to any strength requirement desired, and it resists damage from impact, chemicals, water, and UV rays.

Shelter Works founder Tracy Switzer explains, “I grew up working with fiberglass at my dad’s company, so I know how versatile and strong it can be.  We started Shelter Works back in 1995, developing proprietary our FiberBeam™ Technology that ensures the highest lifetime value and the highest strength to weight ratio structures known to man.  We know that our customers are looking for aesthetically pleasing structures that won’t corrode, rot, rust or decay, and that’s what we provide.”

Shelter Works is committed to providing innovative solutions to any customer need.  Because all shelters are made to order and built to each customer’s unique specifications, they can be built in any size, any color, include any components, and match any specifications necessary.  Even with such customization, the shelter installs in less than a day with minimal manpower.  At the Shelter Works website, you’ll see stories of other clients who needed special containment floors, extra security measures to meet new Homeland security requirements, divided airtight, partitioned buildings to enclose highly corrosive gases, structures tucked into tight spaces with multiple floor elevations, and so much more!

Whatever your need is, Shelter Works can provide a structure that will perfectly protect your critical field equipment.

You can visit their  website at