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Shelter Works Adds to the Fiberglass Equipment Protection Team

Dania Imler

Project Manager

If you call the offices of Shelter Works, you’re likely to hear some new voices. Shelter Works welcomes newly-named Project Manager Dania Imler and Operations Associate Stephen Salomon to the team. Prior to coming to Shelter Works, Dania worked as a procurement manager, project manager and contract administrator for a variety of construction and engineering firms in California. In her new role, Dania will work with clients to ensure that all the details of the project are thoroughly worked out. She will coordinate Submittal Drawings, work through third-party approval processes, shepherd the state labeling approval process, and oversee the smooth delivery of a finished product.

Fiberglass Shelter for Satellite Equipment

With a degree in engineering management and commercial electrical contracting experience, Stephen brings great skill to the position. As Operations Associate, Stephen is in charge of coordinating on-site contractors. In addition to purchasing and inventory of componentry, Stephen handles all the logistics of building finalization, including coordinating shipments and communicating instructions for proper fiberglass shelter installation.

Fiberglass Shelter for Satellite Equipment

Stephen Salomon

Operations Associate

Vice President of Sales and Operations John Miller commented, “We had a vision for how our sales delivery process should run, and we’re now putting the pieces into place to deliver on that. With Dania focused on working with customers to track their orders through construction, and Stephen coordinating and monitoring the finalization process, we’re adding more specialization and even greater customer focus.”

Shelter Work President Tracy Switzer added “In the last few years, we were focused on optimizing our building production process. We reduced delivery time substantially and increased efficiency significantly. Customer service is critical to our company; bringing Dania and Stephen will take our customer service to the next level.  I’m so pleased they have chosen to join us.”