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Congratulations Melany Pearia!

dave congratulating melanyShelter Works would like to congratulate Melany Pearia on her recent celebration of five years with Shelter Works!

Longtime customers have known Melany’s name for a lot longer than five years. For the ten years prior to her employment at Shelter Works, Melany was a subcontractor for Shelter Works. She was a principal at Pearia Engineering, where she specialized in 3-D design and modeling for inventors in the early stages of proto-type design for new products and patent development. What started as part-time subcontracting for Shelter Works turned into full time as Shelter Works continued to grow.

If you’ve ever reviewed a Shelter Works’ submittal package, you are aware of Melany’s influence in how the submittal packages are presented and the detail in the drawings. She has set the bar high for what you can expect from your submittals for any project with Shelter Works. She’s also an influential part of the team that determines how the shelters are designed and engineered to meet customer needs while maintaining Shelter Works’ quality standards and ability to offer a 25-year warranty.

Melany transitioned to a direct employee of Shelter Works five years ago as a Manager of Projects. She oversaw the Project Management and CAD teams as well as managed the production schedule. During her time in-house at Shelter Works, Melany’s responsibilities have expanded along with the company. She was recently promoted to the Director of Operations position where she leads the Project Management, CAD, Purchasing, Scheduling, Quality, Logistics, and Production teams. 

When asked about what Melany brings to the company, Dave Masterson, General Manager at Shelter Works stated, “Melany is the heart of Shelter Works.  She touches every project.  Sales hands her the purchase order and she ensures the shelters are delivered on time, to spec, while meeting our stringent quality standards”.

Congratulations Melany! You make Shelter Works look good.