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Why Fiberglass10 Advantages of Shelter Works Fiberglass Shelters

Want to know why so many customers prefer Shelter Works fiberglass shelters over  brick, steel, aluminum, wood, cinder block or concrete shelters?


Our fiberglass shelters feature an encapsulated foam core that provides a continuous level of insulation throughout the walls, roof and doors. There are no metal or wood structural members to transfer extreme outside temperatures into the building. 


Shelter Works shelters are proven to withstand extreme temperatures, hurricane-force winds, excessive Alaskan snow loads, and the corrosive air in coastal areas.


Because you don’t have to paint it, repair it, replace it, or fuss with it, there is no costly maintenance. Our shelters practically pay for themselves over their lifecycle.  Plus, Our "Built for Life" shelters are backed by a 25 year warranty and can be cleaned, repaired or expanded with relative ease.


Because our fiberglass shelters come fully assembled and ready to set, installation is a breeze.  In fact, they can typically be installed in less than a day with minimal manpower - using common construction equipment.    No need to coordinate multiple subcontractors and deal with weather related delays to get a building built on site.


Get EXACTLY what you need. Aside from being able to customize the size, color, features and options of our buildings, there are many different formulas for the resin and fiberglass that allow it to meet special requirements.


Our shelters are pound for pound stronger than steel thanks to our proprietary FiberBeam™ technology.  We have even had one of our shelters certified to withstand 160 MPH winds and another that sustained no damage whatsoever from a direct hit from Hurricane Rita in 2005.


Composite materials have some of the highest strength to weight ratios of any construction materials and methods.


Aesthetically pleasing structures won’t rust, rot, corrode or decay.


Resists damage from impact, chemicals, water, and UV rays.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Shelters feature a faux brick finish and come in 4 standard colors or can be custom color-matched to your specifications – even multi-colored.

Visit our Helpful Information section for more information on Shelter Works Fiberglass Shelters.