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Specifying HelpSpecifications that Save Time and Money

Comprehensive and clearly written specifications directly impact the cost of your project. Reusing specifications from past projects or copy & pasting sections of multiple specs into one can result in unclear, confusing, and limited documentation. This could leave you with substandard buildings, increased project costs, manufacturing delays, and reputational damage.

Partner with the Experts

Shelter Works collaborates with engineers and end users to review and recommend improvements to specifications to ensure the final product exceeds expectations. In many cases, we will develop tailored specifications for individual jobs, saving you time and money.

We also offer a Specification Writer tool that allows you to build an editable spec with our most commonly used features. Sections can easily be removed and added while the final document retains its formatting.

Start Your Project With Confidence

For customers that aren’t sure where to begin we recommend getting the conversation started by requesting design assistance or calling us at (800) 794-8037. We will help you with creating a concisely written specification for a fiberglass building that meets all the necessary requirements and facilitates successful project completion.

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