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Shelter Works vs. Out of Control CarCase Study

Shelter Works Shelter Absorbs Impact from Car with Little Damage

Sometimes, unforeseen events take place that affect our buildings and when that happens, Shelter Works is there, ready to help.

One of Shelter Works’ buildings was installed at a gas transfer station site outside of Willard, Ohio over 10 years ago. The equipment building sits right next to a road and in the fall, a car lost control and plowed right into the corner of the building. Because of the durability of fiberglass and the unique wall construction found in all Shelter Works equipment enclosures, the building has maintained its useful service as a gas transfer station for all that time….until the car slammed into it!

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Fortunately, the building was able to absorb the entire impact and no vital gas transfer station equipment was damaged or exposed. However, because the damage to the walls was significant enough, it was determined that the best solution was to replace the damaged walls with new walls constructed to the exact specifications of the original. Once the client notified us that damage had occurred, Shelter Works quickly produced the new walls and dispatched a team of two experienced field technicians to the site. The technicians arrived at the site in the morning and by the end of the day they had concluded the repair work, including removing and disposing of the damaged walls. This was done without having to shut down the gas transfer station. The building was returned to “like new” and will continue to house the station for many many years to come (barring another vehicle mishap).