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Fast Turnaround on Custom ShelterCase Study

When You Need a Fiberglass Shelter Fast

One of our long-standing customers sent us a complicated electrical schematic and asked if we could include it in a structure needed to protect a lift station with a back-up diesel generator in Tennessee. Oh, and they needed it delivered to them in five weeks, complete with PE stamps and state certification labels. In addition, the customer specified a venting solution that features our special thermally - actuated shutters that progressively open (automatically) based on the temperature inside the fiberglass shelter - even when the power is out.

Our Shelter Works team went to work on the project, coordinating all the different team members, from designers to engineers to fabricators to electricians and finally to quality control inspectors. Because all of our structures are custom-made and we have streamlined our production process, we were able to deliver a fast fiberglass shelter to our customer on time and on budget.

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