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3-Sided Shelter Affixes to Existing Building

We recently completed a project for Descco, a design and construction company in Fleetwood, PA, where we made a shelter to house equipment that would upgrade and expand the capabilities of an existing pump station. The goal of the project was to keep the pump station operational during the upgrade. By adding a complementary three sided building, Descco avoided interruptions in service that would have occured if they had replaced the building entirely or relocated existing pumps and machinery.

This project was unique because it consisted of a custom removable roof hatch and custom installation instructions for fitting and afixing the new shelter to the existing building. Ryan Conrad, a Project Coordinator at Descco stated “This project was very challenging, limited space onsite, weather, and stringent design requirements due to the hazardous location classification (sewer gases). Shelter Works worked with DESCCO Design & Construction, Inc. from the submittal phase through construction ensuring that every little detail of structure was just right. The final product arrived on-time, looked good, and functioned as designed.

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DESCCO Three-Sided Explosion-Proof Shelter