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New Partnership With Dave Heiner Associates, Inc.

Shelter Works is pleased to announce its new partnership with Dave Heiner Associates, Inc., to expand its presence in North New Jersey, Manhattan, and the Southern portion of New York. With a reputation for excellence, Dave Heiner Associates is known for providing clients with expert consulting services, guiding them through selecting products tailored to their unique water and wastewater applications. The partnership adds Shelter Works' innovative fiberglass shelters to Dave Heiner Associates' offerings.

Dave Heiner Associates' commitment is a comprehensive suite of services designed to enhance the overall customer experience. Beyond product representation, the company offers extensive support, including specialized training sessions, hands-on installation assistance, and dedicated service support. 

With their customer-centric approach, Dave Heiner Associates ensures that clients receive top-tier products and ongoing technical support to maximize the longevity and efficiency of their investments. This partnership strengthens Shelter Works' market presence and underscores a shared commitment to delivering unparalleled value to their municipal and industrial customers in the water and wastewater sector.