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Asset Management Awareness Month

March is Asset Management Awareness Month. Originally sponsored by the National Property Management Association (NMPA) it now serves as a reminder to any organization that improved asset and property management practices can benefit their overall mission and revenue goals.

A Shelter Works fiberglass enclosure can be a great addition of your asset management strategy. Pumps, valves, boilers, and field instruments are all major expenditures and real equipment protection ensures that you get the full value from your equipment investment.

By providing a proper operating environment, away from the elements and corrosive conditions you 

Increase asset lifespanfiberglass building in snowy environment

Optimize process efficiency

Improve system reliability

Reduce operational downtime

Reduce maintenance costs

Reduce loss

Shelter Works strives to be a valuable partner when it comes to field asset protection. Our shelters withstand extreme temperatures and weather while resisting damage from impact, chemicals, water, UV rays, and other corrosive conditions.  They are strong, yet super-light and maintain their appearance - virtually maintenance-free. Best of all, they are backed by an industry-leading 25 year warranty so you can have peace of mind in knowing that your valuable field equipment investment is protected.