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Shelter Works : Navigating the Coronavirus Shelter Works News

In these uncertain times, we wanted to take a moment to communicate how Shelter Works is working to continue to support your business’s needs. We are aware that recent events may have a profound effect on many of your businesses which will undoubtedly impact our business as well. At this point, we want to communicate as much as possible so that we can all work together through these challenging times.

How has Shelter Works prepared?

Last year, Shelter Works spent a significant amount of time updating our disaster preparedness plan. We included provisions for disasters including fire, tornado, flood, etc. While we did not anticipate actions related to the Coronavirus Pandemic, we were able to very quickly adapt our plan to formulate our response. We are as prepared as we can be for a crisis of this magnitude.

How can I communicate with Shelter Works?

Email and website inquiries are the most efficient way to get in touch with us. If you aren’t sure who to contact or what the best email address is to use, please use the following links below:
Contact Us
Our main number 314-664-9300 has also been routed to an offsite team member to answer, take messages, and forward calls.

How can Shelter Works help us through this crisis?

What can you do to help your team at Shelter Works?

We thank you for putting your trust in Shelter Works

Tracy Switzer