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Nichols Environmental Becomes a Manufacturer’s Rep for Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia

Shelter Works is proud to announce a new relationship with manufacturer’s representative, Nichols Environmental. Nichols Environmental has been advising and supplying equipment for those designing water and wastewater systems throughout western Pennsylvania and West Virginia for 11 years. They represent 35 different lines of products that are used in chemical feed systems, screenings, headworks operations, pumps for pump stations and many other water and wastewater applications.

Shelter Works has been refining its pool of manufacturer’s representatives by adding Reps who match Shelter Works’ values. Channel Manager John Swanson explains, “We hold ourselves to a high standard of being ‘easy to do business with,’ and we believe Nichols Environmental offers that.”

Nichols Environmental is driven to offer the highest quality products (first or second in their categories), working hard to ensure smooth design and installation. They then follow up after the sale of those products to make sure that all are satisfied when the job is done.

In order to get better acclimated with the Shelter Works offerings, Ed Nichols, owner of Nichols Environmental, traveled to St. Louis to see for himself how Shelter Works manufactures its field equipment shelters. Following this visit, Nichols remarked, “The Shelter Works shelters save our customers costs and construction timing, and we’re glad to be working with them. I was really impressed with the factory tour; it was good to see firsthand how these buildings are made. Shelter Works’ quality control process really sets them apart from the competition.”

We welcome Nichols Environmental and look forward to supporting and protecting their customers’ water and waste water applications for many years to come!