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Announcing a New Rep Advisory Council

Shelter Works announces the start of a new Manufacturer’s Representative Advisory Council, which will launch in the next few weeks. The purpose of this council is for Shelter Works and its excellent team of manufacturing representatives to have a forum for ongoing feedback and communication about a variety of topics relevant to both parties. In the near-term, Shelter Works will seek input of the best way to implement some Rep resources that have been in the works and will solicit feedback on proposed new product offerings expected to roll out later in 2017.

The Advisory Council will meet remotely three times a year, with a fourth in-person meeting taking place at the company’s headquarters and manufacturing facilities. Six manufacturing representatives from both the water and wastewater industries as well as the natural gas industries have been asked to sit on the inaugural Council for 2017; it is anticipated that other manufacturing reps will be rotated onto the Council on an annual basis.

John Miller said, “We are excited about the prospects for 2017 and want to make sure we are supporting our marketplace in the best way possible. We believe the insights that we’ll gain will help us continue to refine our offerings to meet our customers’ ever-evolving needs and the enhanced communication will benefit everyone throughout our entire sale system–customers, reps and our company alike.”

Results of the Advisory Council meetings will be shared with the full Rep community during our regularly scheduled quarterly Manufacturer’s Representative webinars. The six companies who will sit on the 2017 Manufacturer’s Representative Advisory Council include:

  • Jon Crowley at Charles P. Crowley
  • Mike Gillespie at Envirep
  • Ben Humphries at Delta Process
  • Ray Schnebelen at Precision Pipeline Equipment
  • Andy Newquist at Relcon
  • Vince O’Connor at Western Gas Technologies